MSN White Pages offer new ways to find the ones you love


MSN White Pages creates the perfect environment for searching, finding and communicating with your friends or loved ones. These white pages are a subgroup of the MSN website led by Microsoft.

White Pages have had the role of connecting people and bringing them together in the form of telephone communication. The beginning of the white pages date early back from when the major telephone companies where created. As users built up, and the network became larger and expanding all over the globe, people would use a book consisting of 2 major sections. These sections of the book had their pages colored white and yellow. The yellow part of the book consisted basically of advertising from different companies which promoted their product. As with the online version of the MSN White Pages, the old model featured entire lists of people with corresponding telephone numbers written in front of their name.


Along with the entry into the Internet era, the white pages have become more complex and thus the functions have also expanded. Now, instead of looking manually a name through huge alphabetical lists, you can simply type in a name and get the contact you need. One of the important functions is the possibility of using the reverse lookup. Basically one would enter a number and would get the corresponding customer’s name. The purpose of this is finding caller ID of a number from whom you have received a missed call.

Not only can you find people by their phone number, but also by their address, city, state or ZIP code. Just by entering an accurate address, one can find the person and the corresponding details that would be needed for telephone contact.

In the past years, more and more companies stopped shipping the physical copy of the white and yellow pages. Concerns about using excessive amount of paper made from trees made environmentalists create strong campaigns against big industries that could use alternatives to cutting down entire forests.

There were some debates about the fact that some people still prefer the old fashioned way, and paid subscriptions accordingly for the telephone book. Unfortunately, specialists say that our world is more important than our comfort, thus there must be some sacrifices done in the use of paper and paper industry.

In the end, the MSN White Pages are a great alternative for those who wish to find friends, family or acquaintances; being a fast and easy method to find anybody.